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What's New?

Well lots of things! But firstly, and most importantly, I would like to take the opportunity to give you sincere thanks for continuing to support us as a business. It has been an interesting and challenging few years but we are still here and still moving forward. So thank you, it truly is appreciated.

Following the national lockdowns, it was with regret that Christopher decided to stop working within the business and he subsequently has moved away for personal reasons. I thought that it was going to be an awfully big and lonely building being on my own, so I began to look for like-minded people to join me. After some searching I am very pleased to announce that I have been joined by 2 amazing ladies how have their own businesses and are entrepreneurs in their own right. They have brought their businesses to the clinic and now work in collaboration with At In Sensu Ltd and they have brought a wealth of knowledge and experience and a whole new treatment menu for you to reap the benefits of!

Jo Clegg, Beauty & Holistic Therapist

Medical Foot Health Practitioner

Jo's Treatment Room

Meet Jo Clegg. Jo and I worked together 'many moons ago', both in a salon and also at the local FE College in the Beauty Department. I knew as soon as we had a chat that she would be a great fit at the Clinic and that she would bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with her and a variety of new treatments. Jo offers Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Facials, Massage, Holistic Treatments, Reflexology, Biosculpture Gel nails and Medical Foot Health Treatment. To book a treatment with Jo - click here...

Jo is available Monday-Thursday from 9.30-2.30 and Friday from 9.30-6pm (These days/hours will be extended in the near future).

Claire Hinds (Claire Kirsty) - Nurse

Prescriber & Advanced Aesthetics Practitioner

CK Aesthetics

We have also been joined on a Wednesday by Claire Kirsty. Claire is very well qualified in Aesthetic treatments and has come from a Nurse Prescriber background so she is able to consult and prescribe at the same time without the need for a 3rd person involved. Claire offers a huge array of aesthetic treatments and she specialises in natural results and 'tweakments' that leave you l looking fabulous, but it'll be our secret as to why! To book a treatment with Claire Kirsty - click the link...

Claire Stokes - Permanent Makeup Artist &

Advanced Skin Treatment Practitioner

At In Sensu Ltd

Last but not least - me! I have been busy keeping all my skills up to date with masterclasses and advanced courses. Recently I have completed my Scalp Micropigmentation course and I am looking for models to build my portfolio at 25% off. It is a fantastic treatment for both Men and Women experiencing thinning hair. It is used to simulate hair follicles and give the impression of thicker hair with higher density. It can also be sued for gents who are balding and with to have a shaved head appearance rather than a bald head - it takes years off!

Contact me to find out more here:

I have also undergone advanced courses in eyeliner and lip blush tattooing. To build my portfolio with theses new treatments I am offering 25% off these treatments also.

I have spent many hours updating our website and it is nearly finished - you can see all the changes here: .There will be regular updates so check back often.

Finally I am excited to announce the opening of my Training and Mentoring room this coming Monday, 28th February 2022. I will be offering training and support through mentoring services to Permanent Makeup Artists.

Thank you for your attention and for reading this far!

We look forw

Claire Stokes xx

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