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Advanced Results Driven Treatments & Skincare

ekseption Skincare

ekseption is a brand that is built around the belief that significant improvement in skin health, requires both professional treatments to address key concerns such as;  rosacea, acne, scar repair, skin laxity and uneven skin tone, and advanced homeware products to correct the visible signs of ageing, prevent future damage, to achieve healthy radiant skin. For your personalised skin care regime click below to book a consultation.

Advanced Skin PHA Peels by ekseption

PHA Peels, also known as 'no-peel peels' are the latest advancement in superficial chemical peels. PHA's (polyhydroxy acids) are just as effective as AHA'a and BHA's, however they cause less irriattion compared to other acids and and been found to be compatible with clinically sensitive skin, including dermatitis and rosacea.

PHA's have the ability to prevent loss of moisture in the skin and offer both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits. The ekseption line of peels can accommodate all skin types and a very wide variety of skin conditions. 

Aquapure Hydra-dermabrasion

This treatment is able to be tailored for each individual skin. It has many modalities that deep-clean, resurface, deeply hydrate, lift & tone and no-needle mesotherpay that enable us to concoct a cocktail of active ingredients, vitamins and peptides specifically for you, it is then driven deep into the layers of the skin. Leaving skin looking and feeling renewed and rejuvenated. 

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No-Needle Mesotherapy

This treatment is able to be tailored for each individual skin. We mix an ekseption mixlab serum which contains vitamins, high grade hyaluronic acid, peptides, PHA's and anti-oxidants to target your individual skin needs and concerns. It is a stand-alone treatment or can be added to any other facial treatment. Just select it as an add-on on the drop down booking menu.

Radio Frequency

this procedure  uses radio frequency current to tighten loose and sagging skin the face and neck area. The treatment induces heat into the deep layer sof the skin stimulating your body to produce collagen fibres that we loose as we age. A single treatment will leave your skin looking taught and tightened but for the best results a course of treatments is recommended. It can be a stand-alone treatment or you can add it to any other facial treatment when booing as an 'add-on'. 

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Using a 'diamond cut' treatment head we deeply exfoliate the surface of the skin. A great treatment for acne scaring, scarring, skin pigmentation and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. A perfect partner with No-Needle Mesotherapy.

Skin Dermaplaning 

During this treatment the skin is thoroughly cleansed and then a sterile scalpel is skilfully used to skim over the facial surface to remove superfluous velours hair and dead skin cells (this is not recommended as a method of controlling facial hair growth - Please speak to Claire about other more effective treatments for this). Dermaplaning works to stimulate skin renewal and the skin is left superset and dewy. It's a brilliant partner for No-Needle Mesotherapy

Ekseption Skincare range
Facial peel treatment. PHA Peel. No-peel peel treatment
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Aquapure Hydrodermabrasion facial,
No needle mesotherapy treatment - electroporation
Radio Frequency facial
Diamond Microdermabrasion
Dermaplaning facial
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