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Therapeutic pedicure.  medical foot specialist does medical pedicure. Foot health specialist

Medical Foot

Medical Foot Health Treatment

A medical foot treatment is so much more than a 'Pedicure', as much as pedicure will tidy your nails and cuticles and take off a bit of hard skin along with making your feet look pretty; a medical foot treatment can deal with harder to treat issues. In order to carryout this treatment the therapist must have completed specific medical foot health qualification and are therefore qualified, experienced and insured to carry out callous removal, deal with problematic toe nails, fungal infections, verruca's and much more. This treatment is ideal for you if you are diabetic or have problems reaching your feet to safely cut your toes nails and for general foot health.

Foot health apt is a regular 6 week apt for maintenance of foot conditions and regular skin and nail checks. It helps a range of conditions. Always includes toe nail trimming, skin exfoliating and application of topical medicated creams/ gels. Perfect for clients who need maintaining their feet due to medical conditions.  25 mins 
Can treat fungal nails, fungal skin conditions, verrucas management, ingrowing toe nail, corn, callus, cracked heals, diabetic foot care, strapping and padding. 

Home visits are available and these can be booked through our appointment system online or over the phone (01476 563000)

Medi pedi is a more luxurious treatment for clients who have foot conditions that are contraindicated to having regular pedicures. 
Relaxing treatment Includes foot bath, exfoliation, foot health check. Treats medical condition. Cuticle work, client will need to bring own varnish if fungal nail is present. Foot Massage and nail paint included. 
60 mins 

Medi Pedi
Verrutop Wart and verruca removal treatment information
Wart & Verruca Removal

Expertly applied solution for stubborn Verruca's and Warts. More than one application may be needed.

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