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Vascular Conditions

Thread Veins, Cherry Angioma (Campbell de Morgan spots), Spider Veins & Ankle Thread Veins.

Skin blemishes

Raised moles with or without pigment (a medical check may be required) Warts, Verruca's, Skin Tags, Black heads, Milia

ThermaVein® offers the instant, safe and permanent treatment for red veins often referred to as  thread veins or spider veins and medically referred to as “telangiectasia”. ThermaVein® delivers a fast and effective walk in walk out total solution for the treatment of red veins and vascular blemishes

Red veins are cosmetically unsightly and are too fine to be treated in the same way as larger veins. Our ThermaVein® thermo-coagulation device offers a complete solution, is a totally safe treatment, is clinically proven and is permanent.

Equipped with a polarisation light system the practitioner introduces a fine needle over the vein and in most cases it disappears instantaneously. There is no bandaging required.

Unlike IPL and Lasers, ThermaVein® cannot cause loss of pigmentation. It treats red spots, a variety of vascular blemishes and troublesome red veins.  When used in combination with Scelerotherapy, ThermaVein®  is perfect for treating legs.  ThermaVein® can be used equally well on men.

The sterile needle, for single use, is covered with an insulating sheath which protects the skin, enabling a targeted action, delivering the treatment with precison.

ThermaVein® is used by leading aesthetic clinics worldwide for the safe and instant removal of red veins and other vascular blemishes.  Veins on the face, such as Spider Nevus can be unsightly but are very simple to treat. ThermaVein® does not use laser, IPL or injections, and simply uses a process called Thermocoagulation

Thermocoagulation works by gently joining the two walls of the vein together. 

ThermaVein® is based on a high frequency wave producing a thermal lesion with protection of the skin. This proven method is effective and relatively painless.

Making ThermaVein® the Gold standard for the treatment of Red Veins and Vascular Blemishes

  • Quick results

  • Simple and affordable procedure

  • Any part of the body including: Face, ankles and knees

  • For men and women

  • Relatively painless

  • No bruising

  • No bandaging

  • No pigmentation

  • No scarring

  • Immediate sun exposure

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